List of Keynote Lectures

Author(s) Title of Keynote Lecture Country
M.S. Strano Advances in understanding the chemistry of graphene and carbon nanotubes: Fundamentals and applications (K1) USA
D. Díaz Iron, copper and bismuth do not belong to royalty; however, when stabilized and nanostructurated, they become highly prized (K2) Mexico
M. Terrones Novel nanocarbons: Defective graphenes, nanoribbons with atomically smooth edges and graphene-nanotube hybrid structures (K3) USA
Z. J. Zhang PCBs detection using Ag nanorods by GLAD (K4) China
R. Vajtai Preparation of 2D materials and energy storage and optical applications (K5) USA
D. V. Bavykin Spontaneous formation of multiwalled metal oxide nanotubes (K6) UK
M. Foldvari Toxicology perspectives on nanomedicines (K7) Canada

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