List of Oral Presentations

Author(s) Title of Oral Presentation Country
A. A. Al-Ghamdi, A. A. Al-Ghamdi, O. A. Al-Hartomy, F. Al-Hazmi,
F. El-Tantawy, F. Yakuphanoglu
A nanostructure pentacene thin film transistor with good performance using sol-gel derived SiO2 gate dielectric layer Turkey
K. O. Iwu, A. Galeckas,
A. Kuznetsov, T. Norby
A solid-state photoelectrochemical water splitting cell with a composite Nafion® membrane and gaseous reactants Norway
D. Gaev, A. Boyko,
S. Timoshenkov
Application of nanostructuring techniques for fabrication of getters for mems Russia
H. Shiozawa, A. Bachmatiuk, A. Stangl,  Bilateral formation of carbon spirals from a high pressure organometallic precursor Austria
I. Sayago, M. J. Fernández, J. L. Fontecha, M. C. Horrillo, E. Terrado, R. Garriga, A. Seral-Ascaso, Á. Kukovecz, E. Muñoz Carbon nanotube networks as sensitive layers for gas sensor applications Spain
M. C. dos Santos Carbon nanotubes meet hairy polymers: Superstructures of carbon nanotubes and conjugated polymers having long alkyl tails Brazil
G. Tulzer, S. Baumgartner,
E. Brunet, G.C. Mutinati,
S. Steinhauer, A. Köck,
C. Heitzinger
Characteristics of CO and H2 detection with single nanowire gas sensors Austria
J. Fortágh Cold-atom scanning probe microscopy Germany
V. Guzsvány, J. Zbiljić, O. Vajdle,
I. Stanković, Á. Kukovecz,
Z. Kónya, B. Dalmacija,
K. Kalcher
Comparison of carbon paste electrodes bulk modified with multiwall carbon nanotubes and gold nanoparticles for determination of hydrogen-peroxide Serbia
V. Kuncser, G. Schinteie,
G. Filoti, A. Birsan,
R. Alexandrescu, I. Morjan
Complex characterization of magnetic configurations in multiphase nanoparticulate systems Romania
J. Saida, A.D. Setyawan Control of relaxation state for nanostructure formation based on glassy alloys Japan
V. Mlinar Design of semiconductor nanostructured materials using theory USA
C. Kramberger, T. Thurakitseree,
E. Einarsson, H. Koh, Y. Izumi,
T. Kinoshita, S. Maruyama
Diameter control and one-dimensional N2 gas inside single-walled carbon nanotubes Austria
I.M. Low, H. Albetran,
V. De La Prida, P. Manurung,
M. Ionescu
Effect of doping via Ion-Implantation on the crystallization, phase stability and binding energy in TiO2 nanotubes Australia
C.D. Spataru Electronic and optical properties of carbon nanotubes on metallic substrates USA
H.S. Kang Electronic and optical properties of organic conjugated polymers for optoelectronics Republic of Korea
M. Ahlskog, D. Mtsuko, A. Koshio, M. Yudasaka, S. Iijima Electronic transport in intermediate sized multiwalled carbon nanotubes Finland
S. Talapatra Emerging applications of carbon nanomaterials in energy & environment USA
K.W. Sun Enhanced light harvesting of Si solar cell via luminescent down-shifting using YVO4 nanophosphors Taiwan
M. Cavas, R.K. Gupta,
A.A. Al-Ghamdi, O.A. Al-Hartomy,
F. El-Tantawy, F. Yakuphanoglu
Fabrication and electrical characterization of CdO nanorods CdO/p-Si photosensors Turkey
M. Mohl, A. Dombovari, K. Kordas Flexible electrodes prepared by reactive inkjet printing Finland
M. B. Muradov, G. M. Eyvazova, Á. Kukovecz, Z. Kónya, K. Kordas Formation of the copper sulfide nanoparticles by ion exchange from electrolyte solutions Azerbaijan
M. Weszl, B. Katona, L. Nádai, P. Nagy, G. Drabik, L. Dévényi, E. Bognár, B. Katzschner, D. Scharnweber Formation of titanium-dioxide nanostructures on the surface of medical grade implant materials and investigation of their effect on bacteria Hungary
B. Jousselme, A. Le Goff,
P.D. Tran, A. Morozan, N. Guillet, V. Artero, S. Palacin, M. Fontecave
Functionalization of multi-wall carbon nanotubes with a bio-inspired hydrogenase mimic for hydrogen evolution and uptake France
L.P. Bíró, L. Tapasztó,
P. Nemes-Incze, G. Dobrik,
Z.E. Horváth, X. Jin, Z. Osváth,
C. Chapelier, K. Kertész,
Z. Vértesy, P.J. Szabó, P. Vancsó,
G.I. Márk, P. Lambin, C. Hwang
Grain boundaries and nanoripples in CVD grown graphene Hungary
É. Kováts, G. Bortel, S. Pekker High symmetry rotor-stator cocrystals of fullerenes Hungary
Gy. Klupp, P. Matus, K. Kamarás, A.Y. Ganin, A. McLennan,
M.J. Rosseinsky, Y. Takabayashi,
M.T. McDonald, R.H. Zadik,
K. Prassides
Infrared signatures of correlation in expanded fullerides Hungary
D. Carta, S. Bullita, M.F. Casula,
A. Corrias
Iron-cobalt nanocrystalline alloy supported on a cubic mesostructured silica matrix (SBA-16): synthesis and structural characterization Italy
F. Simon Isotope engineering in carbon nanostructures Hungary
N. Ábrahám, E. Csapó, I. Dékány Langmuir monolayer study of the interaction of biofunctionalised gold nanoparticles with phospholipid membranes Hungary
A. Schwenke, B.N. Chichkov,
C.L. Sajti
Laser-based synthesis of multimaterial nanocomposites for medical and optical applications Germany
D. Beke, Zs. Szekrényes, I. Balogh,
K. Kamarás, A. Gali
Luminescent silicon carbide quantum dots prepared by reactive bonding and subsequent wet chemical etching: Characterization and potential applications Hungary
G. Toth, L. Song, T. Manninen, M. Mohl, A.-R. Leino, K. Kordas Macroscopic carbon nanotube fibers Finland
A. Csáki, A. Kopielski, C. Leiterer, T. Schneider, J. Wirth,
W. Fritzsche
Molecular plasmonics – Biomolecules meets the colourful world of nanoparticles Germany
N. Granqvist, J. Tuppurainen,
J. Sadowski
MP-SPR – a new optical characterization method for ultrathin films Finland
Z. Serbetci, N. Ozdemir Nanocluster Bi-doped CdO thin films for optoelectronic applications Turkey
Cs. Balázsi Nano-hydroxyapatite composites for medical applications Hungary
Sz. Veszelka, L. Kiss, L. Kürti,
A. Bocsik, F. Walter, P. Sipos,
E. Csányi, P. Szabó-Révész,
M. A. Deli
Nanoparticles: toxicity and penetration across biological barriers Hungary
A. Bajwa, P. K Tewari, M. Balakrishnan, G. Svensson, V. S. Batra Nanoporous carbon from unburned carbon in bagasse ash India
T. Wada, R. Uematsu, T. Mizutani,
A. Nagami, S. Sakamoto, Y. Araki,
S. Futaki, Y. Inoue
Novel strategy for cancer cell specific oligonucleotide therapeutics with intracellular environmental condition responsible artificial nucleic acid: Peptide Ribonucleic Acids (PRNA) Japan
G. Kaptay On the equilibrium of nano-systems Hungary
V. Korepanov, H. Hamaguchi Optical spectroscopy of  “soluble” nanocarbon: Nanodiamond and graphene oxide Taiwan
V. Grossi, S. Santucci,
M. Passacantando
Photocurrent from planar strips of multi wall carbon nanotubes Italy
I. Dékány, E. Csapó, N. Ábraham, G. Bohus, D. Sebők, Á. Veres,
B. Roósz, É. Bazsó, J. Ménesi,
L. Tóth, M. Csete
Plasmonic nanoparticles for photocatalysis and biomedical applications Hungary
K. Kolwas, A. Derkachova Plasmon resonance frequencies and damping rates as a function of size of gold nanosheres Poland
M. Shtein, O. Regev Polymer properties enhancement by hybrid nanofillers Israel
H. Perez, X. Cheng, E. Pardieu,
E. Sayah, M. Mayne, M. Pinault,
A. Etcheberry
Porous nanostructures based on carbon nanotubes and capped platinum electrocatalysts through bottom-up approach: Model and efficient electrodes structures for fuel cells France
M. Streichfuss, T. Maier, C. Böhm, T. Haraszti , J.P. Spatz Quasi 2-dimensional actin models: is the bundling irreversible? Germany
A. Kumar Supramolecular directed assemblies of biotemplated metal / semiconductor nanohybrids India
J.T. Roberts Surface modification of aerosol nanoparticles for materials applications USA
F.M. Casula, A.R. Saba, A. Casu,
A. Falqui, C. Sangregorio,
A. Lascialfari, P. Marzola,
A. Sbarbati
Synthesis and surface modification of nanoparticles for theragnostics Italy
H.C. Radulescu, L.-C. Dinca, P.-C. Ghituleasa Textile and antifungal behavior of a cotton woven support to ultrasonically deposited copper oxide nanoparticles by means of two different methods Romania
A. Corrias, D. Carta, D. Loche,
C. Marras
The study of the inversion degree in zinc ferrite nanocrystals dispersed on a highly porous silica aerogel matrix Italy
G. Galimberti, S. Ponzoni,
C. Cepek, S. Hofmann, G. Ferrini, S. Pagliara
Time resolved optical measurements on different architectures of carbon nanotubes as a basis of new photovoltaic devices Italy
J. Soukupova, Z. Markova, K. Safarova, K. Siskova, R. Zboril Universal approach to covalent immobilization of silver nanoparticles on solid substrates Czech Republic
T. Pichler Unravelling the correlated electronic and optical properties of tailored low dimensional carbon hybrids Austria
K. Kamarás Vibrational spectroscopic methods applied to self-assembled nanostructures Hungary
C. Aydın, H. Aydın, E. Guzel ZnO nanofiber films for UV sensor applications Turkey
C. Tatar, T. Ates, F. Yakuphanoglu ZnO nanopowder based on quartz crystal microbalance humidity sensors Turkey
M. Y. Song, J. Park, J. H. Kim, M.-S. Kim, D.-S. Yang, J.-S. Yu Nitrogen-containing CMK-3 carbon nanorods with different length as efficient cathode for oxygen reduction reaction Republic of Korea

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