Scientific Advisory Board

Biró László Péter
(MTA MFA, Hungary)

János B. Nagy
(University of Calabria, Italy)

Goran Bošković
(University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

Anna Corrias
(University of Cagliari, Italy)

Imre Dékány
(University of Szeged, Hungary)

Klára Hernádi
(University of Szeged, Hungary)

Géza Horváth
(University of Pannonia, Hungary)

Katalin Kamarás
(MTA SZFKI, Hungary)

Krisztián Kordás
(University of Oulu, Finland)

Hans Kuzmany
(University of Vienna, Austria)

Gyula Lángos
(State Printing Company Ltd, Hungary)

Lonsták László
(Golder Associates, Hungary)

Thomas Pichler
(University of Vienna, Austria)

Miklós Soós
(Auro-Science Consulting Kft., Hungary)

Vladimir Srdić
(University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

György Török
(Europe Match GmbH Hungarian Branch, Hungary)

Mónika Urbán
(ContiTech Rubber Industrial Kft., Hungary)

Robert Vajtai
(Rice University, USA)

Paula Vilarinho
(University of Aveiro, Portugal)

Ferenc Simon
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)

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